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    Default FR Won't let me log in!

    So, I tried logging in 4 hours ago and FR told me I had to reset my password. Well, actually it said this "ALL USERS NEED TO RESET THEIR PASSWORDS." I did and i filled all the fields correctly then when I clicked continue a message came up saying "We're sorry, we are unable to proceed. Please restart the Reset Password flow to try again.
    For security reasons, you must reset your password." I've tried it like a million times now, and nothing is working. It's been about 4 or 5 hoursand I haven't been able to get on my account! It's ridiculous. I can't contact anyone for help because I need to log in, and i would phone them but I don't have a phone.. so yeah, any help would be appreciated D;

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    Default Re: FR Won't let me log in!

    I would send a ticket, but, everytime it does it to me, I just refresh my browser.

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    Default Re: FR Won't let me log in!

    this happened to me once so i waited for too days then when i reset it it worked other then that i think you might have typed your password wrong or your accout name wong it can be tricky if u use caps beacuse you will have to put that letter in CAPS for example:

    EASY12345 will work but.... easy12345 wont! btw this password was just an example

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    Default Re: FR Won't let me log in!

    You might be spelling the wrong password.This same thing happened to me not too long ago,i just waited one day and the next day it worked.

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    Default Re: FR Won't let me log in!

    Guys Guys Guys! Its When They Got Hacked.. so
    Just in Case They Where Still Being Hacked They Just Wanted
    To make Sure That no one Hacked and Got Account Info, As
    which they Did That to every Player To Keep their Safty
    I Did It..

    "Always Be Yourself, Because The people Who Mind Don't Matter and The People Who Matter Don't Mind."
    Dr. Seuss.

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    Default Re: FR Won't let me log in!

    Ah, yes, that happened to one of my closest friends. Try and contact someone who can send a ticket for you, or log onto the help website not IG. You'll get a new temporary password, then you can change it back to whatever you'd like (:

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