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Title: FRI tourney

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    Default FRI tourney well on the tcg tourney thingy... when i click on Januaray doesnt have any Free Realms Insider party thingy...

    Why does it have it?
    Are we even gonna have a fri tourney this month????

    well thats all... o.o

    Oh &&&&&&&
    How much is a light blue 1 shoulder shirt worth?
    And How much is a pink layered skirt worth?
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    Default Re: FRI tourney

    We're looking into the tournament, there may be some delays on this months event. We will let you know as soon as the details are confirmed. We have every intention of continuing with these events.

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    Default Re: FRI tourney

    wow i wonder what would be the prizes
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    Default Re: FRI tourney

    me loves prizes xD

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    Default Re: FRI tourney

    And the light blue one shoulder shirt is maybe worth 30k?
    the pink skirt maybe around 30-40k??

    you might want to double check.....


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    Default Re: FRI tourney

    I totally forgot about the FRI tourney. I hope there is another 50k this month (100k during power hour). I better do a few trades and edit some decks...
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