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    Icon8 FRI Complaint....

    Dunno what to categorize this as so I:ll just post it here.

    I just wanted to know why there needs to be a minimum of characters in order to post/comment. I just wanted to smiley face a comment and it wouldn't allow me because my message is too short (( BTW, my intentions are not to increase my post number or whatever.......)) Is there any way to change this?
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    Default Re: FRI Complaint....

    You could just put -comment is too short xD- or something like that.
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    Default Re: FRI Complaint....

    Because some people might spam >_>

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    Default Re: FRI Complaint....

    If it bothers you so much, I could help you develop a Keyboard Macro, where when you hit a key on your keyboard, it will type in -Comment Too Short- and then posts it immediately.

    I have something similar.
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    Default Re: FRI Complaint....

    This is so people don't post useless fluff posts. For example,
    is under 10 characters, and it's a fluff post, meaning it doesn't serve any real purpose and it's not helpful, so the person can't post it.

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