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Title: Fisherman

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    Icon5 Fisherman

    ................................................................. ..
    okay whats the easiest way to level up on fisherman?
    Im only a level 3 right now, and im trying to level up the fastest
    i can, anybody have any ideas whats the easiest what to
    level up faster?
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    Default Re: Fisherman

    As far as I know, the only way to level up Fisherman is by fishing at any of the fishing locations spotted on the map.
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    Default Re: Fisherman

    If you get a new fish you want to catch that one the most

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    Default Re: Fisherman

    I lvled up pretty fast by fishing in the Sacred grove shallows
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    Default Re: Fisherman

    Well, I think that all the fish give the same amount of stars, but if you want too sell your fish, The Golden Scaled fish in Brambleback's Bayou in Briarwood sells for 7 coins... which is alot if you have a bundle of em o_o

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