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    Default Fastest way to get coins?

    You see i'm broke (only 800c)

    AND i need some ways to get money faster,
    I'll give a rep to the first post...depending on you.

    Here are some things i tried:

    1. Shop. (I need better clothes and a few VRs to get this store movin'.)
    2. Wheel. (Bad luck. Always end up getting either 250c, 500c, 1000c, or 2000c never 5000c)
    3. Fightin' (Too Lazy...habit)
    But i guess you could combine some of get more money.

    Is there any way to get a lot of coins? FAST.
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    Default Re: Fastest way to get coins?

    Try Croaking Vale if your a member, you can get 1k one time through

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    Default Re: Fastest way to get coins?

    If you are a member, try using your Power Hour. Croaking Vale is the best place to go. You don't have to battle the whole thing; just go straight forward over the bridge to the bosses, battling creatures along the way. Also, try using a Prospector or Wheeler Scroll with Power hour. Prospector gives 10% coin increase, Wheeler - 25% I think. I usually get up to 2k while just going straight down the middle. And, It only takes one minute usually. Power hour lasts an hour along with Prospector Scroll. The Wheeler lasts 2 hours. Hope this helps!

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