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    Icon2 Farming Leveling

    Is there a way to level up faster? I am level 14, and it is taking FOREVER for me to level up. I have harvested about 2 sets of 24 crops, and I am not even half way up on the skill bar.
    I was just wondering if there was a better way to level up faster, and not have to wait for things like the crops that take 16 hours to grow.

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    Default Re: Farming Leveling

    Not that I know of. But I do imagine it'd be harder to level up now that you're such a high level.
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    Default Re: Farming Leveling

    Similar to the other jobs, you will need to attain 24,700 stars to get to level 20. This would mean you need to grow around 1,000 plants to get there. I reckon you grow fast-growing plants like Bubbleberry, Rainleaf and Honeytwig as you will be able to attain around 200-500 stars within a few hours. Planting Starmint would be ideal before bed. Hope this helps!
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    Default Re: Farming Leveling

    Just plant a bunch of bumbleberry and rainleaf. They grow very fast or you can get those star booster scrolls.
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    Default Re: Farming Leveling

    Speaking of plants.. I had some 24 hour plants planted last night, hope they survive through the maintenance.

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    Default Re: Farming Leveling

    Usually I grow alot of bumbleberry and rainleaf and sometimes wild root and its fast and effective
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    Default Re: Farming Leveling

    If you pick a chef to grow for and keep a good pace on your farming, you'll level in no time and also be able to spin that chef's wheel multiple times

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    Default Re: Farming Leveling

    i dont think so

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    Default Re: Farming Leveling

    I found honeytwig to be most effective when I was maxing my farm. It produces more stars than bumbleberry or rainleaf, but still grows in 15 minutes. You make it from hybridizing bumbleberry and stickfruit samples. I just planted crop after crop without worrying about turn-ins. The harvested produce never goes bad, so you can always turn the stuff in later after you max your farm and don't need the stars. Then you can grow 50 of whatever you want. Spent a lot of coins on dirt, though.

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    Default Re: Farming Leveling

    gumdrop gives lots of stars too, in fact it is the only plant that gives the same amount of stars as the plants that take a day or more.
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