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Title: Farming?

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    Icon5 Farming?

    I was wondering what is farming and how does it work and the prizes that are given from it.
    Its been two whole months since i last visited FRI so i am kind of behind on farming and the new treasures game.
    Thanks (:


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    Default Re: Farming?

    Well farming is a new game thingy, You get a house and you start planting plants and doing quests and do the farmers market wheel thing.
    Well as for the prizes i am not sure of all of them but heres some:
    Girls~Blouse vests, small sweater blouse vest.
    Boys~Flannels,3 quater plaid shirts?(something like that)
    Everybody~Flipflops,felt beret,kung fu shirt,wilds shirt....uhh thats all i can think of for right now lol.
    More prizes are like soil,and fungus killer etc.
    Hope that helps! xD

    Oh and welcome back XD
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    Default Re: Farming?

    You forgot to mention the Potted (various sample/ready-to-harvest, name subjected from Bumbleberry-Rainbowleaf) Plants and "magical" Seed Packets (Read previous annotation) that tansform you into that Seed Packet. (How would you EAT A PACKET OF SEEDS?)

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    Default Re: Farming?

    Yes all farming gives is vault clothes that you have to earn. the better plants and higher level you get, the better clothes on the wheel

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    Default Re: Farming?

    You go to your farm start a quest from Farmer Chug he will show you everything and Yes you get prizes from the Farmer's Market it gives you some vault clothes like Blouse vests (Any color randomizes the color) The Higher the lvl more better the prizes are
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    Default Re: Farming?

    well here is how you get stuff you get those planting squares then put any plant you want on one then get a watering bucket or anything else that containes water from your shed then go to your well with the water can in your hand fill it up click on your plants and then wait for them to grow hope this helped

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    Default Re: Farming?

    Farming is a great way to make money and get new items :] the farming rewards go for lots of money too I bought a flannel for 50k... the only thing is that you have to buy seed packs from the sc marketplace for 100 sc each if your willing to devote :]
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    Default Re: Farming?

    There is no need to pay for the seeds with SC all you hav3e to do is look around in the wilds of FR all the plants grow there, there are even three that they have patches of them you can port to and pick, these patches only give one sample but if you find them outside the patches you get three samples per plant. There is a seed generator at your farm that will change the samples into seeds. Farmer Chug will tell u how to do it. So as u go about FR's any plant u see with it's name above it click on it to get your seeds

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