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    Default Faintly Glowing Shards HELP

    Is there a guide to all of the Faintly Glowing shards? If so can you post the link please thanks!


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    Default Re: Faintly Glowing Shards HELP

    You need to be a member to get these shards. Even if you don't need it to start the quest series, you'll need it to do the quest that actually rewards the shard.

    • The quest series for the blue one starts with Lan Spryleaf in Lakeshore.
    • The green one is only one quest, from Troggers in Forest Troll Village, but you have to go into Forest Troll Fort, so you'll need at least one high-level combat job.
    • The orange quest line starts with Tori inside Memorial Caverns (she's the tour guide). Again you need a high-level combat job because you end up going into Darvon's Descent.
    • The pink series is given by Old Corky in Briarwood. Another one where high-level combat is needed, this time for Tanglewood Fort.
    • For the purple one, you speak to Erid Torridwick in Shrouded Glade. You'll have to enter Mugwort's Hollow.
    • The quest line for the red one is rather long and it starts with Tran in Shrouded Glade. Again you'll be entering Mugwort's Hollow. With this one, there's actually 2 more quests in the series AFTER you get the shard. They are worth doing because you get a Jeweled Key as your reward at the end. It also means you'll be going into Misty Mountain.
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    Default Re: Faintly Glowing Shards HELP

    Sorry dude, cant help but other ppls can!!!!!!!!!!!!! BELIEVE IN IT lol

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    Default Re: Faintly Glowing Shards HELP

    Please visit this thread (Guide to Glows) for more information, thank you.
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    Default Re: Faintly Glowing Shards HELP

    Try ZAM that's what i used
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