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Title: Fade In?

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    Default Fade In?

    In Game, I have realized that when I click "Go into the World", my screen will start as a blurry fuzz then fade into the normal game. This also happens when I exit out of The Market Place. Is this just me?

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    Default Re: Fade In?

    This doesn't happen to me but I have realized that when I click on the 'enter world' from the welcome screen it will briefly go into the game screen and then back to the welcome screen then back into game and this is a new occurrence for me... most of the time I click on 'enter world' from the welcome screen and it takes me into the just a mishap from the updates.. Like the Gifting tree glitch was and is now fixed with the latest update...maybe.. But I know with updates some errors happen from time to time and if that started for you after the update.. it may be one.
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    Default Re: Fade In?

    if it always happens... then don't count on me, if it happens once in a while... i might be able to help

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