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    Icon5 F2P Ways to get Trading Cards

    It's been forever since I've played Free Realms and I forgot some ways to get some cards. All I remember is that there's a questline that awards you some cards. Are there any other ways I forgot? Oh, and I need F2P ways because I lost my membership.
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    Default Re: F2P Ways to get Trading Cards

    other then the code, there is the wheel.

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    Default Re: F2P Ways to get Trading Cards

    Some quests reward them, although the only ones you can do after the main Card Duelist quest series would require membership or an SC pack of some sort, I believe. You can also buy booster packs from the SCM or a retailer, although physical packs won't give you as many cards, I think. And then there's the wheel, but the cards won't be so useful and won't be trade-able (if you don't plan on becoming a member, that doesn't really matter anyway).
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    Default Re: F2P Ways to get Trading Cards

    The quest line can be found at Free Realms Free TCG Quest Cards

    Aside from that, you can sometimes get a card by spinning the wheel each day. There is also a quest that can be purchased, starter decks that can be purchased, and of course boosters can be purchased.

    There is also one quest that is from a VR, but that's easiest to get if you're a member and can trade for it. Otherwise, you are likely to need to buy many booster packs before you get it.
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