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    Default Explorer Coins

    Hi I need help finding some Explorer coins

    Stalking the Stalks
    An A-maz-ing View
    Hiding from the scouts

    Hollow Hiding Hole
    Top Tier Mining Excavation
    A relic View
    Branching Out
    Ghastly Mining
    Beyond Watchful Eyes
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    Default Re: Explorer Coins

    You can always go on youtube and type in Free Realms and what coins you need

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    Default Re: Explorer Coins

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    Default Re: Explorer Coins

    Yeah i agree with ciana that's how i got all the coins . From you tube
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    Default Re: Explorer Coins

    If you're in-game at the same time as I am, just send me a whisper. I can show you any of the tokens you need to find.

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    Default Re: Explorer Coins

    Beyond Watchful eyes is way out. to find it you need to face the teleporter and go straight for quite a while until when you are way out and there are rock ledges in the water somewhere around where youae is the coin. Hope this helps!
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    Default Re: Explorer Coins

    I totally agree Ciana and Piper youtube really helps i find some of my coins using youtube xD but i found them all so... yea xD

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    Default Re: Explorer Coins

    i dont know where they are

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    Default Re: Explorer Coins

    Youtube works (sometimes) otherwise ZAM is what i sometimes use.
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