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    Default Explorer clothing?

    I've seen some people with those black gloves and a red seeker's middrift shirt called a wilds explorer top or something like that? Are they actually explorer clothing and how does one come across such items? Are they from quests or something?
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    Default Re: Explorer clothing?

    Blackspore Explorer's Midriff Shirt, Memorial Caverns Explorer's Pants, etc.
    Are these the items you're talking about? (They should have a city/town name followed by Explorer's then the type of clothing in the name.) You get those from the various chests you see laying around the realms, the ones that need keys to be opened. You'll need to finish a key collection for each chest, which rewards a full outfit for the associated city/town.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RandomPlayer View Post
    Ayani Clothing:

    • Ayani Tree Explorer's Cap
    • Ayani Tree Explorer's Gloves
    • Ayani Tree Explorer's Wristbands
    • Ayani Tree Explorer's Shirt
    • Ayani Tree Explorer's Shorts
    • Ayani Tree Explorer's Boots
    • Ayani Tree Explorer's Backpack
    Requirements: Ayani Treasure Key

    Blackspore Clothing:


    • Blackspore Explorer's Hat
    • Blackspore Explorer's Gloves
    • Blackspore Explorer's Shirt
    • Blackspore Explorer's Pants
    • Blackspore Explorer's Boots
    • Blackspore Explorer's Backpack
    Requirements: Blackspore Treasure Key

    Briarwood Clothing:

    • Briarwood Explorer's Hat
    • Briarwood Explorer's Gloves
    • Briarwood Explorer's Shirt
    • Briarwood Explorer's Pants
    • Briarwood Explorer's Boots
    • Briarwood Explorer's Backpack
    Requirements: Briarheart Treasure Key

    Memorial Caverns Clothing:

    • Memorial Caverns Explorer's Hat
    • Memorial Caverns Explorer's Gloves
    • Memorial Caverns Explorer's Shirt
    • Memorial Caverns Explorer's Pants
    • Memorial Caverns Explorer's Boots
    • Memorial Caverns Explorer's Backpack
    Requirements: Memorial Treasure Key

    Seaside Clothing:

    • Seaside Explorer's Cap
    • Seaside Explorer's Gloves
    • Seaside Explorer's Wristbands
    • Seaside Explorer's Shirt
    • Seaside Explorer's Shorts
    • Seaside Explorer's Boots
    • Seaside Explorer's Backpack
    Requirements: Seaside Treasure Key

    Snowhill Clothing:

    • Snowhill Explorer's Hat
    • Snowhill Explorer's Gloves
    • Snowhill Explorer's Shirt
    • Snowhill Explorer's Pants
    • Snowhill Explorer's Boots
    • Snowhill Explorer's Backpack
    Requirements: Snowhill Treasure Key
    If that's not what you meant, then they may be Seeker's Gloves, Traveler's Shorts, etc. These are obtained through Rare Exploration collections.
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    Default Re: Explorer clothing?

    OK Random Player''s answer was good. Wow.
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    Default Re: Explorer clothing?

    you have to collect keys to get the items in the treasure chest here is a vid to where you can find the keys

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