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    Icon11 Elite Striking Serpent?

    Can you get some Elite Striking Serpent pieces in Haunted Mines by killing the Sneaking Bandits?

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    Default Re: Elite Striking Serpent?

    I doubt it. We only got the Elite items before by buying them from certain vendors while the items Sneaking Bandits give were regular or rare item drops.
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    Default Re: Elite Striking Serpent?

    I only remember one type of clothing, two colors per, for each job being available via vendors. Elite Black Striking Serpent, for example, was only bought through vendors; according to other members, there are other types of Elite clothing for each job. Elite Flying Dragon (I think?) for example.
    Therefore, not Striking Serpent, but perhaps some other types of Elite. You may be able to find colored Striking Serpent, not Elite.
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    Default Re: Elite Striking Serpent?

    Elite striking serpents clothes items were from before the December update and could be bought from merchants. You can't anymore because with the December update came the Coin Shop and items from merchants and the marketplace were removed and they added new items.
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    Default Re: Elite Striking Serpent?

    There is Elite Black Dancing Monkey

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