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Title: Editing Help?

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    Icon5 Editing Help?

    Hayy der, XP im like super bored, I like ppl's siggies/avvies on here o: I use some free editing sites, but mine lately have been pretty blurry and not sharp. Anyone know how to make it sharper? Or a better editing site that makes things sharper?
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    Default Re: Editing Help?

    I've now noticed it's all about the size and quality of the editing site. BeFunky, Ipiccy, and Pixlr are very good editing sites.... For siggies I use around a 400x100 size and usually makes them non-blurry. 20867-1-1281271307454.jpg This siggy is what a 400x100 is like. And for avvies I have found out the smaller, the better so I use around a 161x158 which is like this size. BeFunky_PopArt_15.jpg For a text, I suggest NOT doing small text. Try to do the biggest font/ size you have and keep it bright colors. There is also a Vibrance button you can push to make it brighter/darker on most editors. Straighten, Hue/Saturation, Enhance Detail, and Smooth can also help majorly. Hope this helped in anyway.

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