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    Default DSi XL Question

    Hello, I have a Nintendo DSi XL, and when I go to the browser, it says my memory is damaged. But I got it fixed now (Re-downloaded it). But my question is, Is my system memory really damaged because nothing happens when I try to do what I normally do. (I'll give rep to whoever gives me a good answer)

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    Default Re: DSi XL Question

    I belive it wasnt damaged b/c there was just a factory code that needed to be re-seted (i think) lol.
    -Its been happening on lots of the nintendo's now. (my friends xD)
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    Default Re: DSi XL Question

    i don't know but if it is not working go to the place were it was bought if it is damaged the people should be able to fix it game stop will defenetly fix it

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