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Title: The Dozens

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    Default The Dozens

    It's not like I haven't noticed the Dozen family around Seaside. Do they have any communal quests or anything like that?
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    Default Re: The Dozens

    According to they do not have any quests associated w/ them at this time OwO
    Monty is my favorite out of them :33

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    Default Re: The Dozens

    Monty's in the card duelist-quest-line-thingy and two of the Dozens (I forgot which) in a members only quest at Diggy's. I believe. I can't remember exactly.
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    Default Re: The Dozens

    and one of them is a "famous surfer" they're on the boardwalk right by Diggy's I've counted eight of them I think but I haven't done any CD quests.
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