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    Default Is der a max gear 4 demo derby?

    If so, how can u get 1? If not, thnx anyways

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    Default Re: Is der a max gear 4 demo derby?

    There used to be elite black demolition derby gear.

    I believe elite types of demolition derby gear (which are now retired and extremely rare) are the only level-20 demolition derby gear there is.
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    Default Re: Is der a max gear 4 demo derby?

    I agree with Benny. Nowadays, the highest level gear you could easily get other than the rare elite gear (no longer available), could be bought from the Coinshop; level 18, Super Charged Derby items.

    Get the trophy if you are up to the challenge. I completed the Demo Derby questline; I remember getting teary-eyed when I finally got the the Crash Cup, a level 1 "weapon" (:
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    Default Re: Is der a max gear 4 demo derby?

    Well now a days the highest gear you can get is level 18 yes. I believe there used to be level 20 gear (that wasn't elite) but I don't think it was trade-able. I could be wrong.

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