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    Default Delicious Goo'd Candy

    I need help with this question. I googled it and the website said I needed 15 ectoplasmic goo stuff and I have over 230 of them.
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    Default Re: Delicious Goo'd Candy

    You have to play the the mini game next to Harry. Its a game like mining. Its the jack o lantern candy pal next to Harry.
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    Default Re: Delicious Goo'd Candy

    Yes, like KTK said, you have to use the bucket-whatever next to Harry to use the minigame and complete the quest.

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    Default Re: Delicious Goo'd Candy

    BOO! Hello There,
    Yes, It Is True, But beware The Mini game (In My opinion) is Laggy, Boring, And Very hard.
    So You Might Want to use a Time Slot that has an Hour Or So, because I have Yet to Complete
    This Quest line. I remember Last year Was the Bomb Halloween Was As Cool As This Year, much
    Much More Quests to Do! So Keep that in Mind!
    Have a Spooktacular Halloween!

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    Default Re: Delicious Goo'd Candy

    I agree with the last poster about the Goo'd Candy game. It's so laggy, boring and hard that it's a waste of time to play it. The reward you'll get just isn't worth all that effort.

    Sorry to sound so negative. I'm sure you'll find lots of other fun things to do.

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    Default Re: Delicious Goo'd Candy

    I agree the Goo'd Candy game really isnt worth the time it takes and for a "easy" game is not that easy for one piece of candy. (sometimes a costume but not often) The game takes a long time- the matches are hard to get so 1/3 the time u lose and get nothing for all that time you put into it. This is one game they didnt think out all that well and just not worth the time

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    Default Re: Delicious Goo'd Candy

    I seldom do the Delicious Goo'd Candy and Brunhilda's harvest game, "Double, Double Toil and Trouble." Luckily, I can complete them, but they take too much time for a candy reward, lol. However, I often do the rest of the daily Halloween quests. One suggestion not to run out of time is stopping time, lol, by pressing the pause button; look for possible strategic combinations, and then press the play button.

    If you have accumulated lots of ectoplasmic goo from defeating the Pumpkin Prince, can you sell the extra ectoplasmic goo in the Coinshop? Not IG right now, so I haven't tried it, lol.
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