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    Ok. I need some help here plz.... I have 373 SC left over and I'm not sure to use it on a pack or on an eight ball. I've been wanting the eight ball, but i bought a packet and i got a CEREMONIAL JEWLED AXE. I want to buy another one, see what I get, but it might give me something lame like a health potion -_- (you can just buy the ones from the coin shop, they work too... doh...) HELP MEHHH D: -Mumbles- I wish I had more SC... >:(
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    Default Re: Decisions. Decisions

    If you get more coins you can buy packs from people here on insider for like 100k

    Or you can buy more sc
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    I wouldn't waste it. Have you redeemed the axe yet? If not you should sell that for 2-3 packs. Or for coins if you perfer. I havent gotten anything too bad yet from the ones purchased, only from the ones given monthly. I somehow think this is done on purpose.

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