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    Default Copmuter security not allowing FR to play

    I tried to play FR today and it won't open. I can log in to my profile and it will load and allow me to click the button to play, and then it takes me to the launch page as usual. I wait for it to launch but a Norton pop up window comes up at the bottom of my screen saying a threat was detected or something like that and it says its freerealms.exe. I clicked on it multiple times for details and it says freerealms.exe:crc (WS.Reputation.1) and below it says This Insight Network Threat has been detected. I've looked for a way to by-pass the Norton File Insight that is blocking it but i am having trouble. What can I do to get free realms up and running on my computer?

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    Default Re: Copmuter security not allowing FR to play

    that happens to me... try to refresh.

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    Default Re: Copmuter security not allowing FR to play

    Quote Originally Posted by Kadira Kindleriver View Post
    This has become an issue that has been discussed about on the official forum.

    In case you are unable to access the forums here is what Iceberg posted.
    Quote from Iceberg:
    We're seeing many reports that Norton Antivirus has decided it didn't like Free Realms any more and is treating it like a virus. We're investigating now. For the time being, please make sure your virus definitions are up to date so we can ascertain if that is the issue, or if their current definitions are what's causing this.
    You can definitely feel secure that this is a false positive response, and safely restore the .exe from the quaratine area and allow the program.
    If this happens to you, please post your version of Norton, and whether or not updating your definitions helped.

    Update: A little more research shows you are likely receiving the error "freerealms.exe:crc (WS.Reputation.1)". If so, did Norton quarantine the Free Realms executable all by itself, or had you chosen to scan the file manually with a right-click?
    :end of quote

    There are several people that are having this issue so hopefully they will get it all straightened out soon.
    Status: Quit FR since I never liked FR at all. Will probably not post anymore.

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    Default Re: Copmuter security not allowing FR to play

    Thanks guys for the help. Its been a while since ive played so i havent seen the newer posts like that in the official forum. Its working though.. slowly but finally haha.

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