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    Default Cooking 101!?!?

    For some reason I can't complete this part of the hero's journal, so I am VERY behind and it SU.CKS! Do I have to be a certain level or what??? I've made the Strong Arm Stew about 5 times now and it still won't say that it's completed! PLEASE HELP DX.
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    Default Re: Cooking 101!?!?

    did you get the quest from seaside? dont know his name, but that one in a cafe

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    Default Re: Cooking 101!?!?

    If it's the quest for Mae Farnum, it's most likely a bug.

    Just send in a ticket explaining you've made multiple Strong Arm Stews, and it won't register with the quest goal.

    A Referee will most likely advance the quest for you.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Cooking 101!?!?

    I had the exact same problem: send in a ticket.

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