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    Default Convert Coins to Station Cash?

    Is this possible? I've all this "money" and nothing to buy with it, and yes I'm a member. I'm wondering if there is some feature for converting coins to SC that I'm missing? If not, what is everyone else doing with all of their money? What's the point of earning more of it if there's nothing to spend it on?

    - Alex

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    Default Re: Convert Coins to Station Cash?

    A lot of stuff you can't buy in the SC store is available in the coin store. Much Free style clothing can be purchased in the coin store. Many housing items not available in the SC store - different types of couch's, chairs, dinner tables, etc., - free style pet clothing, pet food and shampoo are in the coin store. You can also purchase items from other players with coin.

    Need sugar, butter or milk to make a recipe - that's in the coin store.

    Need supplies to forge weapons or smelt gold - it's in the coin store.

    Want a crusty ocean cake to turn into a crab for the next crab crawl - it's in the coin store - last item under supplies.

    Has your warrior made it to 20th but you now need to get a Blue Singing Crystal and a Red Singing Crystal to make the ultimate 20th level weapon? They are in the coin store under Extras.

    Not getting the weapon or tool you want at lower then 20th level on the wheel spins, or it's the wrong color? The coin store has weapons and tools all the way up to at least 16th, some as much as 18th lvl. Some you can chose a color for.

    The same with clothing, both free style and many job clothes.

    Let's say you don't really want the oasis from the SC store and wish you could just buy ONE palm tree - you can - but in the coin store.

    That unique round Sylvan bookcase - it's ONLY in the coin store.

    The standard microwave for your kitchen, the stove, the refrigerator? All in the coin store and in a selection of colors to match your houses decor.

    Want healing potions, energy potions, blast orbs but don't have enough SC - no problem - they are in the coin store in bottle and vial sizes and orbs a plenty of many types.

    you find much in the SC store unavailable in the coin store. But the reverse is also true. You can't find many items in the SC store that are available in the coin store.
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    Default Re: Convert Coins to Station Cash?

    There is no way, but as pavana said there is quiet alot to choose from. Though if you're lucky enough, some people sell SC card codes if you look in the Free Market, $5 codes go for 100,000 coins and $10 codes go for 200,000 coins. Hope I helped.

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    Default Re: Convert Coins to Station Cash?

    It is allowed to sell game cards for that much coins? Cool!

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    Default Re: Convert Coins to Station Cash?

    As previously mentioned, you can purchase a lot of items using coins, as well as trading some for SC to save yourself some money, in a sense. Beyond this, you can also purchase Virtual Rewards, Comic Codes, and other things that cost real life money or TCG boosters to obtain. With the coin-SC player trade possibility, I suppose it is technically possible to convert coins to SC.
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