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    Default Color Check on Ninja Gear

    Hi- I feel a bit embarassed for posting another thread on this help forum But I need help on checking whether these jonin ninja wristguards are light blue or not? And if they are, how much would they be worth, approximately? Thanks =) lightblue.PNG

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    Default Re: Color Check on Ninja Gear

    Hey there! I think wrist guards might be Blizzard, because Jonin Armor can't come in any vault colors. And for a price... I have no idea, so sorry I can't help you in that department :/ Here are some color charts that will hopefully help you out for the future (:


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    Default Re: Color Check on Ninja Gear

    It's blizzard hon! The head piece is blizzard in the correct pic!
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    Default Re: Color Check on Ninja Gear

    I think Jonin goes for 20k-35k? I believe. It depends on seller and

    Also, in future reference I believe this thread would go here in the PC section of the free market.
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