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    Icon8 Collection Question

    Hi all Im still new to Free Realms so I have a small question collections

    When I open my inventory - > Extras - > Collections I see many items
    and here is my questions are they "spare " one (becasue near some of them I have x2 / x4 ) that I can sell/trade with other players or all my collections items are there ? so If I sell/trade some of them the one in "My Collections " will be gone ?

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    Default Re: Collection Question

    No .. you can safely trade any of your collections. What is shown in your trade window are extras. The collection item you need is tucked safely away in your collection storage area.

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    Default Re: Collection Question

    Like Zadria said, if you have a extra of that one item it wont dissapear, So theres no worries you'll loose that item

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    Default Re: Collection Question

    If you find a new collection piece that you need it will not appear in your inventory. The collection that appear in your inventory are extras of them and they won't be removed from your "Collections" category when you trade them with ppl. =)

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    Default Re: Collection Question

    no. you can trade extra items that you have.

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    Default Re: Collection Question

    Nopey Daisy x].... wait what? Okay whenever you get the first of an item for a collection it automatically goes into your collection and cannot be traded. However if you get the same item again, it's an extra that you can trade.
    If you're unsure what you have extras of, when your trading only extras are shown. Hope this helps.

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