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Title: Coin HELP

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    Default Coin HELP

    What's da fastest way to earn coins?
    Thing's i have listed:
    Combat games (which one gives you da most coins?)
    Farming (i'mma go buy some soil now)
    Mini games (which ones?!?)
    Selling items (i'm already doing dat)

    Thanks for helping meh! (:


    Love food.

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    Default Re: Coin HELP

    Artifact Game.
    I forget what it's called though.
    What is this? A community of depression?

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    Default Re: Coin HELP

    hi amber.. if you are a member do these during power hour:
    Combat games- cray caves
    Farming- simone's recipe ( i most recommend farming. her recipe gives you 14 grand plus each spin)
    Mini games- uhm, that artifacts sorting in blackspore
    Selling items--youre already doing that

    Good luck!

    <Blood Wolf>
    I am looking for complete, black elite archer and warrior set. PM if selling.

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