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    For some reason when I launch Free Realms it doesn't launch on Google Chrome. Here is a pic:

    bandicam 2013-11-23 03-11-41-458.jpg

    Please Help Me!!!
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    Default Re: CLICK PLEASE HELP!!

    I would definitely try another browser. Sometimes certain browsers glitch out and won't load the play button (I know google chrome would do that to me every now and then). If that doesn't work, I would consider sending in a ticket. I'm not sure if reinstalling free realms would help in this situation since the website won't load the play button.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: CLICK PLEASE HELP!!

    That happened to me on my Mac awhile ago. I remember I had to accept something and it let me click play. It still does that, but I go on a different browser.

    Try it now and then, it should work.
    "Why bother?"

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