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Title: Cheat/Glitch?

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    Icon8 Cheat/Glitch?

    Hey, How do you do the glitch, like where your adventurer can have your archers weapon???
    I really wanna know, Or Brawler gear on Adventurer...?
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    Default Re: Cheat/Glitch?

    this is not good its only for refs to do we can get caught doing this glitch and if we are caughter we get banned i caught some people doing it at my friends house.

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    Default Re: Cheat/Glitch?

    actaully other people cant see the glitch.

    but i cant tell because i think it is agaisnt the rules....i think. -seals lips-
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    Default Re: Cheat/Glitch?

    I have only heard of it as a glitch.

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    Default Re: Cheat/Glitch?

    I believe you can get banned for doing that. -_-
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    Default Re: Cheat/Glitch?

    I saw an adventure weilding a Shadow Blade once. I guess it must be part of this glitch. Sorry, I don't know how to do it either.

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