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    Default Chat and Rides

    Ok, Serious question. How come, whenever I am using my ride, and I try and write something in the chat, it always exits the chat and makes me bring up menus and stuff? Ok, Clarification: I try and write something and say something out loud while on my ride and I move around and bring up menus randomly because it makes me stop writing anything out. Why?

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    Default Re: Chat and Rides

    Hmmm, I that happens to me too.... Well, instead of clicking the bar I press enter and then type. Also, if it keeps happening I exit and reenter the game.
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    Default Re: Chat and Rides

    Problem your having:

    Send a Ticket. (Explained how in the other post!)
    You're Multitasking Which is pretty hard.
    There's Nothing Really you can do about it.
    If you read My Message on How to send a ticket/Report someone
    Send a ticket and see if the Referee's can Help you!

    Trying to Type Differently.
    Or you can Press the Enter bar Or Click on the Typing Bar,
    Clicking on the typing bar, Might work More Easily Because
    When you press enter Sometimes It can bring you off your Ride.

    ~Hope this helped!

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    Default Re: Chat and Rides

    Exact thing happens to me!!! :twitchy:
    My internet has been out for quite a while now, so I won't be able to get on.
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