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    Icon4 Character Image Thing...

    How can I make my character image change, you know the one that pops up right when you sign in.
    Mine's been the same since I made my account:

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    Default Re: Character Image Thing...

    If you click your "about me" in game, or press the "c" keyboard button, you will suddenly get a menu, but a purple camera will appear above your avatar/character's head. Using that purple camera button you can take a "portrait" of your character.

    Then, on your profile, you can press the "portraits" button (Below the character on the profile) and see all the portraits you have taken of your character. You must favorite one you want and then select it as the one you want to show as your profile image.

    Note: The purple camera portrait button does not work all the time.

    (Link to deviantArt)


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