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    Default Character Creation problems!!!

    So I got to make a character on the ps3 put a custom name and all but when i tryed to finish and enter the world it said i couldnt an sent me back to the create a character screen so this is where i need help so i recreate my character and imput my custom name again but now it says its taken but i cdont see my 1st created character anywhere so did i just lose my name or will my character appear eventually with it? Has this ever happened to anyone on the pc? thx for any response im just vrry agitated about this....

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    Default Re: Character Creation problems!!!

    I would try logging out and logging back in to the first character you created and see if you can access it.. what the name is. If that doesn't work I am not at all familiar with the help section available for the PS3 but .. I'd get a hold of the help section there and present the problem there to see what can be done. Good Luck ! And Welcome to FR XD
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