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    Default Chapter 1: Failure is Not an Option

    Ok so I started this quest and I've spoke to Captain Chugug and he told me to go in the palace, but I can't go in it! I've dropped this quest many times and then started it again but it doesn't work! I stand in front of the palace door, where there's a green dot on my mini map and the green lines telling me to go there, but it won't let me click on it! Also, on my mini map it tells me I have like 2,500m to go when I'm right in front of it, and there's arrow telling me to go in the oppisite direction! I'm so confused and sad, help me please! I'm going crazy.

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    Default Re: Chapter 1: Failure is Not an Option

    This is a currently known glitch. They're going to do a hotfix sooner or later to make it so you can go inside the castle once again. 8] Some buggy stuff happened during the Sunstone Valley update and unfortunately this was part of it. Right now you'll have to wait to be able to get inside.

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