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    Default Card Duelist strategies????

    Im a level 13 card dulist, and im on a quest to beat this Jammie girl. She is pratically unbeatable to me, and I am really good (if i do say so myself ) I come sooo close to beating her but she always wins. Does anyone have an awesome, unbeatable strategy?????? mine OBVIOUSLY isnt good. Even though its won tons of tourneys. But whatever. Help would be appreciated
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    Default Re: Card Duelist strategies????

    I remember that quest.. And I remember that in the duels where you go first those are generally a bit easier than when the opposing player goes first. When I did the card duelist quest I only had my Nature deck and was able to beat each opponent with that... Though some of them took many many times to beat because some use tricks and such... Perseverance is my best suggestion... Though there is a section on this forum where it's for TCG and there are some good tips about how to build a good deck... So you may want to take a look there and read some of the tip's provided... Maybe you can build a good deck to beat your opponent from there. Good luck though XD
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    Default Re: Card Duelist strategies????

    ahh i can sell you some good cards, but for now make your own deck in tcg deck builder it helps alot

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    Default Re: Card Duelist strategies????

    What kind of deck are you using? (ex: Nature, Machine...)

    Well, here's my advice for you:
    It's easier to use the your starter deck with some adjustments. Try to block her creature with ones with defense and wait for her to attack you. =)

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