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    Default card duelist - score 0??

    okay so i've been leveling up for a while, then i buy a deck from the SC store, but its not showing up, not only that, any cards i won i can't find, and the button for the card duelist when you populate is greyed out like you can't click it. Oh and whenever I do battles, quests, etc.. my score is always 0

    is there a reason i can't modify my deck? (only level 5), i'm a yearly subscription btw
    Ah I get it now

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    Default Re: card duelist - score 0??

    Have you checked the deck builder and collection screens? You might be experiencing a bug though...
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    Default Re: card duelist - score 0??

    The Trading Card Game that Card Duelist revolves around has its own little section separate somewhat from the rest of the realms.
    To head to TCG to perform many TCG-related tasks, click on the Game Guide (the controller on your game dock) and choose the TCG button at the bottom (hand of cards, obviously). Wait for it to load the many MBs of data. Click on the door in the corner, bottom right, to open a horizontal menu; click the stack of cards to edit your deck(s) and view a few starter decks.

    I'm not sure what you mean by the other two problems.
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