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    Default Captain Fletcher

    Every time I visit the royal vault, it says (QA) Find Captain Fletcher.
    Who and where is he?

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    Default Re: Captain Fletcher

    Hes on Phineas and Ferb
    I do not play FreeRealms anymore.

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    Default Re: Captain Fletcher

    ROFL thats the first thing i thought of when i heard fletcher too lol
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    Default Re: Captain Fletcher

    I sent in a ticket about this a while back and got the response "Captain Fletcher is a glitch in the game"

    But i wonder what he links to i mean the QA thing is still there so maybe he's part of something yet to come.
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    Default Re: Captain Fletcher gonna go visit the vault......
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    Default Re: Captain Fletcher

    Yeah, it's just a glitch. I posted a thread about it earlier.

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    Default Re: Captain Fletcher

    lol i think its a glitch and the vault was removed if you didnt know

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