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    Default Can't Upload GIF - Dx

    Ok.. So I always try to upload GIF's for my Siggy & Profile Picture and It won't let me. It always says this:

    "Remote File to Large"

    If it's to large.. How can soooo many people upload? I use the direct link and everything! 100x100 size.. Doesn't make sense.. I'm so confused..


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    Default Re: Can't Upload GIF - Dx

    yea, you can edit size of photo in paint i think there is a make immage smaller button in there

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    Default Re: Can't Upload GIF - Dx

    Happens to me too. I try different websites to see if they work. Try that.
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    Default Re: Can't Upload GIF - Dx

    I know.I can't upload my photos for GIF and it's the best way to save for best graphics. So when I'm on Picnik i just use PNG.

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    Default Re: Can't Upload GIF - Dx

    I have the same problem all the time -.- and when i have awesome GIFs , i have to make them super tiny to even work as my avatar and then you can't even see 'em o.e

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