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    Default Cant install game

    Hi, I hope someone can help me with this. Windows keeps shutting the game down when I try to enter, because its trying to install an addon that will access my computer memory "in an inappropriate way", lol.
    I looked around google & folks say FreeRealms is safe, but it does read like it wants a lot of control over my computer. How can I get around this? None of the instructions I've found here seem to fit.

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    Default Re: Cant install game

    Umm... You can check to see if it's your Firewall or an Anti virus program that isn't allowing it... Sometimes you have to go in and manually change the settings on those to allow certain programs i.e. plug ins and add ons, especially if you just had a few updates... When I had installed Nortons 360 it actually wouldn't allow FR to operate on my computer... as if it read it as a virus and I had to go in and permit it to run on my computer through the Nortons 360 so that it would run as it did before. And I guarantee you... FR isn't a virus either though it was reading the program as if it were and unsafe...If anything though... just to be extra safe... I would suggest to call the manufacturer of the program that is reading the plug in or add on or FR as unsafe and explain it to them and they can also help explain that to you... as well as a FR Tech too, who you'd just send a ticket into XD ( It may just read it as that because it isn't familiar with FR... but there are other reasons it would do that too )
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