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    Icon5 Can't get into my houses Please HELP?

    i was on fr friday playing as usual and making changes to my small wild house and apartment. Then later i signed out and when i went to go back into them the next day i couldn't get to them. When my friends tried to enter them it said i have none. What has happened and how can i find an in game referee that everyone keeps telling me about?

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    Default Re: Can't get into my houses Please HELP?

    Same thing happened to my friend.You should send in a ticket by clicking the question mark located at he top right corner on your screen.A referee will probaly be able to help you.

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    Default Re: Can't get into my houses Please HELP?

    Send in a ticket about the problem... you can do it by the ask for help option while in game when you click on the red X at the top right of your screen or also by going to your profile and you'll find the option there under costumer service... However that same thing has happened to me a few times but usually when they're doing updates for housing.. I'm sure your houses are still there and maybe it was something that happened during the updates for Festival of Hearts... They should be able to clear that right up for you though if you let them know...Sometimes things like that happen when they update things but they are soon fixed after. I hope it get's fixed for you though and good luck with the problem.
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    Default Re: Can't get into my houses Please HELP?

    Did your membership run out? Because the small wilds home comes free with membership. Send in a ticket, but if you just lost members, it's probably that.
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