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    Default Can't Get on FR

    Whenever I log onto Free Realms, it always comes up with an error page. Sometimes I make it onto my profile and try to launch the game by clicking "Play Now," but the game never opens. It might be because of the new update...anybody else having this problem?
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    Default Re: Can't Get on FR

    Yes, it likes giving me Error W0s, but I'm not going to worry about that because it happens to me after every update.

    And yes, it's probably the update. I don't see why they'd be offline for 17 hours doing nothing...

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    Default Re: Can't Get on FR

    FR will be down until approximately 5am (PST) tomorrow. They took the servers down for more technical updates, and not content. We probably won't feel the effects of the work, but I am sure they are working hard behind the scenes.

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