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    Default Can someone please help me torrent the files necessary?


    I have had some problems with internet connection issues - I can't download the client at all due to my ISP - I can only downoad 350MB's per day - and considering the fact that I have 5 people on the web almost all day - I can't download the client at all.

    I have a Mac so I am wondering if anyone could torrent the client for the Mac - anyone know how to help with this??


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    Default Re: Can someone please help me torrent the files necessary?

    Sending in a ticket is the best suggestion I have for you... I know Free Realms is newly available to Mac users so they may have a few bugs to work out still but if you go to the customer service section on your profile and ask for help.. they have options created for Mac users with graphics and connections issues and a Tech can help you out with that...also you can call and speak to a Tech.. they may already be aware of the problem you're having.. chances are they have heard of that problem before. Good luck
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