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    Icon9 Can someone help me with TCG cards????

    so im really confused, is there a way to tell the really rare TCG cards from the not so rare cards? :/

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    Default Re: Can someone help me with TCG cards????

    Yes, you can tell the "Rare" cards from the non-rare ones.

    In the FR TCG Lobby, go to "Collection," then click on the "Cards" tab, showing you a list of your cards. To show the cards you don't even have, go to "Preferences," then click the "On" button under "Show Cards I Don't Own," and "Accept Changes."

    In a given card, on the lower left-hand corner, there is code (just underneath the FR tree logo; code has a number-letter-number). The "R" stands for rare; "E," for exclusive, & so on.

    1st number: series to which the card belongs to
    "1" Free Realms Digital Booster Pack
    "2" Shattered Past Booster Pack
    "3" Baron von Darkcheat Booster Pack
    "4" Coming soon! Lol.

    Letter: rarity of the card
    "C" Common
    "U" Uncommon
    "R" Rare
    "E" Exclusive
    "S" Starter
    "P" Promotion

    2nd Number: not really important, why bother! Lol


    Another way is to use the "search" feature. Sort your cards according to "Rarity." Click on "R," rare.

    Hope that helps.
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