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    Default Briarwood Farm

    What clothing prizes can you get from a Briarwood Farm, and what level do you get them at? Any help is appreciated. (:
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    Default Re: Briarwood Farm

    Um I think you can get Blouse Vests from the farm wheel (I think) idk what level though.

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    Default Re: Briarwood Farm

    Look on FR ZAM....
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    Default Re: Briarwood Farm

    Lets see girls get orange strapped (?) boots -pants - orange kerchief tops and hats
    Boys get work boots (not sure of names on boys except shirt) - pants -brown roped shirt, and a hat
    Both boys and girls get the white stitched fingerless gloves (boys pant might be called white stitched pants)
    gloves are the beginner three levels, and go up from there boots are next then pants, shirts and last top levels are the hats

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