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    Default Briarsting Bow

    How much does it costs in coins?
    Does it worth one Booster Pack?

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    Default Re: Briarsting Bow

    I don't think Its worth a pack, maybe 40,000 coins at least maybe even more.
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    Default Re: Briarsting Bow

    hey use to be worth a pack but its been a while since i have been in the trading game
    they are a great bow and you can use them on any level i have a few of them

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    Default Re: Briarsting Bow

    I dont think they are worth one but maybe about a few

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    Default Re: Briarsting Bow

    Well Joe was buying one off me for 150k so at least that much.

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    Default Re: Briarsting Bow

    they are only good for duels, so about around 50k
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    Default Re: Briarsting Bow

    I sold mine for 175k

    in booster probably 2 boosters
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