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    Default Briarmelon Samples ..

    I was wondering if any of you Insiders know any spots where I can find briarmelon samples since I'm desperately in need. D:
    I'd like to know if you guys knew any specific spots on the map to find them. :3
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    Default Re: Briarmelon Samples ..

    They are mostly found in brairwood

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    Default Re: Briarmelon Samples ..

    i have 3 samples you can have

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    Default Re: Briarmelon Samples ..

    I think you could go around free realms asking people or maybe a ticket.
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    Default Re: Briarmelon Samples ..

    ]Try Looking In Briarwood.

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    Default Re: Briarmelon Samples ..

    Around,Around forest troll fort there all around there.

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    Default Re: Briarmelon Samples ..

    They are near dirt Grass and Valleys and Briarwood
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    Default Re: Briarmelon Samples ..

    I know of only three places: If you port to Tanglewood fort the battle in Briarwood and then go around to the back(to the right) there is sometimes one there. Then if you go back to Tanglewood and go acroos the river (to the left of where you port) you will eventually come across an arch made of vine. There are two of these arches, so make sure you get the right one. The last one is right behind the battle Cursed Graveyard, smetimes along with a moonbean. Hope this helps you!

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    Default Re: Briarmelon Samples ..

    I'm finished with farming for a while at lvl 20 and I have about 250 samples so I should know where they are.
    The are found near mountains but not near people or roads,
    They are found down in depressions.
    In the valleys on the north side of Troll Forest but nowhere else in Troll Forest.
    Straight south of Highroad junction then head west along the mountains all the way across the pond. In that south west corner of the map, there is a deep depression leading to a road. There are none in the Pixie gardens north of that.
    Just west of Mugwarts Hollow but nowhere else along that whole range of hills all the way across the map to Pixie Gardens.
    Around edge of the mountains around the lake with the soccer field just north of Greenwood Forest and the camps.
    From Lavender Hills stone east along the mountains to the farm - don't miss the deep dip to your right with a lost sheep in it.
    Just north of the entrance to the road east to Stillwater from Queens fields and around Stillwater.
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    Default Re: Briarmelon Samples ..

    For information on where to get ANY sample or for timing and to find out ANYTHING ABOUT FARMING here is the link : Category:Farming (FR) :: Wiki :: Free Realms :: ZAM

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