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    Default Blue Text Weapons


    I am currently trying to find some Blue text weapons, I do NOT want to buy them, I only want to take pictures and present them on BrawlWiki.

    Here is the list for the needed blue text weapons:

    • Aqua Hammer

    • Batty Anvil
    • Batty Hammer

    • Blazing Wand

    • Bubbleburst Battle Axe
    • Bubbleburst Wand

    • Carbon Bow

    • Frostflame Saw

    • Glacial Wand

    • Gravel Bow
    • Gravel Kendama Hammer
    • Gravel Hammer

    • Illuminating Bow

    • Jeweled Blade

    • Juiced Bow
    • Juiced Drill
    • Juiced Saw

    • Party Kendama Hammer

    • Rainbow Anvil
    • Rainbow Scythe

    • Rocky Bow
    • Rocky Kendama Hammer
    • Rocky Scalpel
    • Rocky Wand

    • Soapy Blade
    • Soapy Wand

    • Spectrum Bow
    • Spectrum Anvil
    • Spectrum Scythe

    • Sunlit Kendama Hammer

    • Tidal Drill

    • Toxic Crush

    • Venom's Spur
    • Venom's Bite
    • Venom's Malice

    • Winged Hammer
    • Winged Wand

    If you have any of these please take a picture of yourself with it and it's specifics like this:

    Thank you! ^^

    * is made and operated by Roland Spore, I have nothing to do so I have made it a personal goal to find these items ^^
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