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    Default Blacksmith Recipes

    is there any place that sells alot of blacksmith recipes????
    edit, id like to know all the possible places for warrior weapon recpies
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    Default Re: Blacksmith Recipes

    Eclipse infused wand - (Danny danforth sells it West of lavender coast pass)

    Dancing monkey bokken - is sold from Bruno Battlerock beside Smitty (Starter of blacksmith career)

    Lunar enchanted wand - Sold by Glugamug (Dratmoore Quarry) Near the Blacksmiths table

    Savage sting bow AND Strong scrapper hammer - Sold by Balok battlerock in Blackspore (Quagmair quarry)

    Brutal blast bow AND Void woven wand AND Striking serpent sword AND Frenzy fighter hammer - Are sold by Smapplebap of Briarwood (The mother lode quarry)

    I believe that is the list of what recipes are sold by who, I don't think there are warrior recipes that are sold... not sure though.

    - (Purchase Blacksmith Recipes?)

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