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    Icon4 bixe tower defense?

    ia there any trick to bixie tower and all its "cousins" cause i cant get past medium oh and one quick question whaere do you get the yellow bixie gloves

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    Default Re: bixe tower defense?

    The Bixie Gloves are from completing the Hard Bixie Defense quest, I think.

    Bixie Defense can be quite annoying. I normally place my towers near my supply of lives, guarding it with Druid and Honey towers coupled together. Two pairs on opposite sides of the supply usually do it, though some enemies do slip in now and again.
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    Default Re: bixe tower defense?

    Bixie gloves.....
    wait the short ones? if yes then you get them at the member quest for easy
    Napolean i like his name!
    there is a bixie glove for hard? Well i started the hard quest but i forgot to look at the rewards........

    Um... Bixie is much easier than most of the defense games
    But some how when you play it a lot it's kinda boring for me....
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