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    Default Bidding And Auctioning Items

    Can someone explain to me how this works? I noticed that you can bid and auction off items but exactly how does this work? do you bid (for ex 5,000 and if you win the auction you meet in the game? (well i know that we cant now x3) Could someone plz explain this to me? THANKS!!!

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    Default Re: Bidding And Auctioning Items

    Ok heres a story I made up to explain to you.

    Once upon a time, Claire was auctioning off a pair of red boots. Animia saw them, and noticed they were the same boots she wants. She bids the starting price is she is the first person to bid, and then LuLu tops her bid with a higher amount of money. Animia won the boots, since she bidded the highest amount of money before the ending date, when the auction ended.

    Terms used while auctioning

    A starting price is the price the first bidder offers. It is often not as much money as the item is worth, since the auction just began.

    A buyout is an amount of money or items the auctioner wants, so the auction automatically ends if you say buyout.

    An ending time is the time an auction ends. If you bid after that, your bids will not count.

    A reserve price is the amount of money/items an auction MUST reach or the item will not be sold.

    Hope this helped!

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