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    Default Beeping noise?

    I was in Freerealms and something made a beeping noise. It was either my computer or Freerealms because when I left where I was it didn't make the noise anymore.

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    Default Re: Beeping noise?

    iT MIGHT HAVE BEEN A GLITCH i HERE IT TOO yOU CAN CLEAR YOUR COMPUTER CACHE. ITS PROBABLY BECAUSE there might have been too many ppl in that area or too much haappening

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    Default Re: Beeping noise?

    Sometimes my computer beeps when I enter a window where the computer thinks is unsafe and could contain a virus.
    Maybe that's what happened to you.
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    Default Re: Beeping noise?

    What kind of beeping was it? Continuous, or was it just once?
    If it was just once, and your computer is a laptop, it might have come unplugged if you had it plugged in. That's what mine does sometimes..

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    Default Re: Beeping noise?

    It's when sometimes it is unavailable to do an action, like were you lagging or freezing continuously? If so then you were pressing something and that action was unavailable so it made that.

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    Default Re: Beeping noise?

    I know that sometimes if I'm moving using the keyboard and I push the up, left, and right arrows at the same time, it makes a beeping sound!

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    Default Re: Beeping noise?

    it was your computer sometimes they act weird... I dont think it was the game.
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