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Title: Baloons...

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    Icon2 Baloons...

    How much do those baloon weapons cost?

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    Default Re: Baloons...

    These balloon weapons are estimated to cost 5K each, at the moment. With the passing of time, more people will have them and the value will decrease. Just like it happened with Level 20 Armor

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    Default Re: Baloons...

    Hard to say what the value will do, when the event ends and they are no longer available they could become more valuable.

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    Default Re: Baloons...

    Do you mean the orange and blue balloons that come out of a sword? If you do, you can't buy them, it comes with April's membership pack.

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    Default Re: Baloons...

    They can cost quite a bit i saw one person selling for 4,000 but you can get them from Cakenstein.

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    Default Re: Baloons...

    I guess they sell for 5,000 k but there's a chance the value of it will decrease or increase and be way more valuable..But who knows : )

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