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    Default Bag of Angel feathers.

    Well, I've noticed a few people have halos, and feathers fall around them. A few of you have/had them in your siggies and one of my good friends from here had one but forgot where she got it. ( Not naming the people). Well, I figured out if was a VR. Can you use it multiple times, or is it a one time thing? Thanks!

    EDIT: OOoh OOooh, and how much in coins is it worth?
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    Default Re: Bag of Angel feathers.

    I dont know how much they're worth but you get ten for each redeemed card.
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    Default Re: Bag of Angel feathers.

    Maybe liek 15k

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    Default Re: Bag of Angel feathers.

    you can use them 10 times if you claim them

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